Why Peace Studies?

Given the ubiquitous nature of national and international conflicts – and consequent attempts to resolve them – it is hardly surprising that Peace Studies has taken its place on the world stage. There is much to be understood, much to be done. But the ground is by no means saturated, the need to do more by no means met. The new Institute will have an important role to play. Read More

Why Seychelles?

Politically, the Republic of Seychelles is a small island state that is a friend of other nations and a threat to none; its neutrality is a key consideration. Indeed, neutrality made possible a much-lauded attempt by the President, James Michel, to broker an agreement between opposing factions in Madagascar at a time of political deadlock. Read More


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The Institute is developing a wide range of academic programmes ranging from short professional courses and workshops, certificate and diploma courses, and a postgraduate degree programme. Read More


The Institute is committed to providing comprehensive research and training that will be delivered by highly experienced practitioners. Read More


The Institute will be the meeting place for local and regional practitioners and scholars alike to come together and find innovative solutions to prolonged peace and security problems. Read More

Main Areas of Activity

Peace and Reconciliation


Geopolitics in the Indian Ocean

The Institute is a self-funded entity and relies on financial support from individuals and organisations for some of its activities.